Songs by Night

by Whitney Winkler

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Songs by Night was born out of a desire to sing a new song over death, sorrow, and the common pain of humanity. Each song touches on different aspects of the human experience; the toil and suffering we all face. Songs by Night is a free download because I believe these are words that are true enough to be sung and heard again and again. So listen, share and encourage a friend too, as we all learn to sing through the nights of our souls.


released March 12, 2019

Music by Whitney Winkler
Produced by Joe Gilder
Guitar and keys by Joe Gilder
Bass and Background Vocals by Marco Alexander
Mandolin by Andy Hatfield


all rights reserved



Whitney Winkler Memphis, Tennessee

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Track Name: Songs by Night
Are you with some sorrow burdened?
On your way with no ray of light?
Strain your ear, all heaven is watching
God can give, give you songs by night
Weary soul, cease thy mourning,
Burdened one, He knows your plight,
Every cloud, a silver lining,
God can give, give you songs by night
Paul and Silas, prison fastened,
Shook the jail, with its earthquake might,
Bands were loose and doors were opened,
God had given, given songs by night
It is oft in saddest moments,
That our souls, they take highest flight,
And to strings of sweetest music,
God does set, set our songs by night.
Track Name: Light Upon the Shore
We've journeyed many a day upon an ocean wide,
Amid the mist and spray of many a surging tide,
But Lo! The land is near,
For just beyond the foam,
There is a light upon the shore,
And it flashes from the stand,
And the night is almost over,
And the haven is at hand
We've had our storms of doubt,
Our rains of bitter tears,
Our fightings fierce without,
Within our anxious fears
But Lo! The storms are past
They cannot reach us more
Track Name: The Day is Yours
She is like a blade of grass,
In an endless sea of green,
How long til the others all forget?
How long til she's blowing in the wind?
Do you see how her spirit grows faint?
Falling as a flower without root,
Do you have a home for her heart?
Will the sun rise to keep her warm?
Oh, the sun will rise to keep her warm.
Cuz the day is yours, and the night is yours,
And you've laid the boundaries of earth
Oh, the sun still shows,
And the moon still glows,
And it flickers in hope,
To light up the way in the dark
She is like a blade of grass,
The night has frozen her skin,
In the morning will you prove your love?
In waves crashing in, in waves crashing in
You're the lion gripping her in,
And the lamb taking her hand
Track Name: Hallow This Grief
Father, in the olive shade,
When the dark hour came on
Didn't you breathe heavenly aid,
and strengthen your son.
Oh, in the anguish of our night, send down sweet relief,
And to the stricken, let your might come and hallow this grief.
Hallow this grief
And when the starry skies,
Saw dreadful strife begin,
You taught us, through your faithful cries,
Thy will be done,
You, of all men, know,
You have born death's toll
Track Name: Hold Fast
Oh spirit, overwhelmed by they fear,
Look up to thy Lord with your trembling tears,
Weak faith, to thy call seem the heavens only dumb,
To thee, the message, "Oh! Hold fast until I come!"
Hold fast until I come, til I come
Hold fast, until I come, til I come
May you carry no other troubles, you are daughters and sons,
Hold fast, until I come, til I come
Hold fast when the world would allure you in,
Hold fast when tempters would assail from within,
Sunshine and sadness, in gain or in loss,
To falter would be madness,
Oh cling now to the cross!
Thy Savior coming in the sweetest love,
To make up his jewels and to bear them above,
Child in thine anguish, despairing or numb,
Remember the message, "Oh! Hold fast until I come!"
Track Name: He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
Sorrow and care may meet,
The tempest cloud may lower
The surge of sin may beat
Upon earth’s troubled shore
God will His own in safety keep,
He giveth His beloved sleep.
The din of war may roll,
With all her raging flight,
Grief may oppress the soul,
Throughout the weary night
In childhood’s winsome page,
In manhood’s joyous bloom,
In feebleness and age,
In death’s dark gathering room

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